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Kiso is the center of Nakasendo Kiso is surrounded by Japan’s foremost high mountains in the western side of Ontake mountain range and in the eastern side of Central Alps.Prior to the Edo period, Kiso has prospered as a key junction for transportation and as a production area of Japanese cypress, the main building material for shrines and temples. Traditions and cultures in this town have r... READ MORE >

  • Access by train

    From Nagoya:1.5hours

    From Osaka:2.5hours

    From Tokyo:3.5hours

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Featured Tours

Nakasendo (Kisofukushima -> Narai)

Take a train from Kisofukushima to Yabuhara. Then it is a 3-hour hike from Yabuhara to Narai via Tor...

3 – 5 hours

Nakasendo (Magome -> Tsumago)

This 9km hike connects two beautiful post towns which takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours. Magome-juku...

2.5 - 3 hours

Joyama and Gongen Waterfall

Located close to central Kisofukushima, Joyama attracts many hikers. Its features include the histor...

Approx. 3 hours

Ontake Kodo

‘Ontake Kodo’ is a historical trail at the foot of Mt. Ontake. Fukan, a monk, created the trail lead...

3.5 - 4 hours

Recommended Accommodations


Welcome to Yamakanoyu.

Yamakanoyu started off as a post town on the former Hida Passage of Takayama from Kiso Fukushima during the Meiji ...

Nukumori no yado - Komanoyu

Only one hotel located along the mountain road connecting Kiso-Fukushima Station and Mount Kisokoma. Remaining original scenery of Kiso show...

Guest house Hilltop

Guesthouse Hilltop is a resort inn on a plateau commanding a snowcapped Central Alps.
The owner boasts dishes using local ingredients, loca...

Onyado Tsutaya

During 320 years of business as the inn on the Nakasendo Road, so many travelers have visited here. Have a comfortable time in unchanged Kis...


Illuminated Shirakawa Icicle Walls

mid January ~ mid February

Fantastical Winter Scenery   Water streaming down the mountain surface freeze into icicles an...

Kaida Kogen Kamakura Snow Festival

beginning of February

Kaida Kogen highland is an area often deep in snow. Huge Kamakura and slides made of snow are made ...

Ice Candle Festival - Kiso Fukushima

Beginning of February

In the cold winter night, 5,000 ice candles embrace the town with its warm light. The night star li...

Ontake Shrine Daidaikagura

January 4th

Traditional performing art   Daidaikagura is a traditional dance performed annually at Ontake...

Ice Candle Festival (Kisoji)

end January - February

Ice candles lighten up the winter Kisoji   Ice candle festival held at each post-towns on the...

Kisokoma Kogen Mushroom Festival

mid Autumn

Annual Event full of Mountain Mushrooms and Matsutake   This is a festival where you can full...

Kaida Kogen Soba Festival, Craft Fair, Pickup Truck Market

mid October

Seasonal event offering Shin-soba Kaida Kogen is a highland (1,100m elevation) that has big tempera...

Honto no Yoru to Deau Aki (Feel the real night)


Turn off all the lights, and feel the real night.   Venue: Kaida Kogen highland, Kisouma-no-s...

Ontake Shrine Memorial Service

October 23-24

Memorial Service by the Ontake worshippers. Believed that people are born from Ontake and will retu...

Craft Fair - Kiso Fukushima

August - September

Walking through the post-town on the old Nakasendo Street, you will find an interesting craft fair a...

Kiso Music Festival

end August

Feel the harmony of nature and music. With over 40 years of history, Kiso Music Festival is an even...

Yoshinaka Kiso Hataage Festival - Rapposho & Fireworks

August 14th

This is a festival dedicated to the soul of Yoshinaka Kiso, a famous warrior who spread the name of ...

Kiso Odori Festival

beginning - mid August

  Kiso-bushi is one of the representing folk song in Shinshu (Nagano).   Kiso-odori dan...

Ho-ba Festival

end May - end July

Hoba-maki is a seasonal treat in Kiso.   At the season of fresh greenery, you will see many s...

Mitake Summer Festival

mid July

Summer Festival held in the Mitake area.   The two Mikoshis (portable shrine) - Onna Mikoshi ...

Ontake Shrine Festival - Mitake

July 18th - 19th

This is an annual festival held at Ontake shrine Satomiya and Wakamiya. The Ontake Shrine Memorial ...

Suimu Shrine Festival - Mikoshimakuri & Fireworks

July 22-23

This is an Annual summer festival in Kiso Fukushima held on July 22nd and 23rd. On the 2nd day, aft...

Ontakekyo Daigojinkasai - Ontakesan Kiso Hongu

August 7th

This is an annual service of the Ontake worshippers. On August 8th, 1954, they put a sacred fire at...


Official website launched out!

Jun 01, 2017

Kiso Ontake Tourism Office's website launched out on 1st June 2017. The best part of Kiso area is rich nature and historical atmosphere of the streetscape. The slow-moving time in the old stree...

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